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SNL Presents: Bananas Nailed to a Piece of Plywood
Student athletes: most only choose one.

Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana- Bill Gates
The term “student athlete” has been around since the marriage of sports and academia. However, how seriously is this idea taken? SNL and John Cena use the skit “Science Presentation” to parody the tumultuous world of scholarly athletics.
Student athletes understand the influence of academics on their athletic future. In the words of John Cena’s character, Ray, “If I don’t get an A plus on all of my final exams, I will voluntarily sit out that bowl game against Washington.” Furthermore a study conducted online by Time magazine, found that when student athletes were asked to rate their …show more content…

Mccants explaining the fraud that occured at UNC during his playing career there.
Nevertheless, the sham of a science project continues when the students present their projects. The other two students have highly technical projects that clearly involved a great deal of time and effort. Meanwhile, Ray has “Blown the judges away”, with, “Bananas nailed to a piece of plywood.” The obvious difference in difficulty aside, his scientific interpretation of the bananas, hits the nail right on the head, “ Banana is a yellow snack that monkeys eat. They is five types of bananas: yella, brown spotty, very brown, green, and round. I used to not like bananas because they looked like boys’ wieners, but now I like them because they are yummy.”
However, despite the excellent presentation and satisfying the requirements, one of the students tries to point out that one of Ray’s bananas is in fact an orange. This leads to the sterling interjection of, “Are you trying to lose us the game nerd?”, which demonstrates the main point of why athletics is favored over academics, it’s all about the money.
“Are you trying to lose us the game nerd?”
Money makes the world go ‘round. This is a fact recognized by all big colleges and is why the head football or

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