Essay about Sky Towers in Itasehir, Istanbul

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Sky Towers is a residential located in Ataşehir,Istanbul and consists of two housings ; one 41 storeys high and the other 31 storeys high which were build in 2011. It is mainly successfully build place, however it does occur to have a few problems.
To begin with the architecture, Sky Towers is build in a post-modernistic style which can be seen in the geometrical straight lines and the contrasting rather traditional roofs of the buildings, combining popular and old fashioned aspects of architeture.

Considering the sense of control in this area; the territories are clearly marked with fences and walls surrounding the semi- public areas such as the playgrounds, pools and park of the lot. The territoriality of the lot and the way it is …show more content…

Due to the high-rise buildings and six apartments per storey, and ca. 422 apartments in total these housings can easily create a perception of crowdiness.
As for the topic of cultural backroungds the related desing does not include relatively much about the aspects of the Turkish practice, it is rather highly related to the metropolitan city life, offering as much as preferences in a limited area of space which can also be considered a rather ‘’ safe zone’’ guarded by security and cameras, lined by fences and walls distinguishing the outside ‘’public-space’’ form the inside ‘’private-place’’. One can see that the architects intention was to create a living space with a great variety of options to make the residents feel at home and safe and provide a character of a little city a or as the ancient Greeks called it a ‘’polis’’ by itself. In my opinion this design channels the intentions of the architect, and the ‘’crowded’’ feeling it leaves in the inhibitants might be seen as a disadvantage of the popular cosmopolit lifestyle in general. All in all, Sky Towers is a successful example of a home where individuals have a lot of opportunities to shape their lives, live peacefully, and have a sense of place. The apartments are cut relatively geometrically in shape which may be a factor in reducing the crowdiness. The architects intention to create a place with a

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