Slaughter : The Blind Eye

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The Blind Eye Slaughter. As defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, slaughter is the violent killing of a large number of people. Synonyms include; bloodbath, butchery, carnage, death, holocaust, massacre. I, for one, hate this ugly word. It causes several things to come to mind when I hear it muttered: The Holocaust, genocide, death, all of the repulsive and vial occurrences of the world summed in one word. It 's a grim topic, and most certainly one that doesn 't occur in the US anymore, right? After all, one of the world’s leading superpowers couldn’t possibly be dealing with a magnanimous amount of bloodshed on our lands. Am I correct? Well, what if I told you that over 3.7 billion farm animals are killed every year in the United…show more content…
One woman who was contracted with Perdue to farm chickens shed light on what actually happens to these company contracted farms, without Perdue’s permission. Perdue was shown to keep chickens in large, windowless, coops that are packed with so many birds, a chicken may not be able to move. Perdue denied an interview and soon terminated the woman’s contract. On investigation, Perdue had placed a “values of the company “ statement on their website that states, “At Perdue, Our Vision is "To be the most trusted name in food and agricultural products," while Our Reason for Being describes our purpose: To provide innovative food and agricultural products and services that enhance the quality of life for everyone we touch.” By the video evidence of their treatment of animals, I presume those lives Perdue claim to touch is referring to their CEO’s bank accounts. It is surprising that Perdue had nothing to comment on the life of their animals if in fact their core values they claim to have, are practiced by their company. This slaughter of animals piqued my interest after reading a particularly gory essay written by Jeff Tietz, which depicted the horrendous conditions in which pigs are kept. Other companies, in this specific case, Smithfield 's, was responsible for the death of 27 million hogs (Jeff Tietz). As you can imagine, this created quite an impressive revenue for Smithfield’s, but at the cost of the hog’s life. These pigs are
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