Slave Sale Data Essay

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Anytime we hear the word "slavery", we tend to think back to a time of great controversy within America. Although slavery has long been abolished, it is still important to look back at information about the slave trade to better understand such a complex system. The Slave Sale (1775-1865) data-set is an example of how we can use historical facts to create stories and arguments about how the slave system operated. The data presented in the spreadsheet is about the basic information used when selling a slave. Within the spreadsheet there are nine columns: state, county, date entry, gender, age, appraisal value, skills and defects. Unfortunately, the data is only specific to seven southern states: Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, and Maryland. However, the data-set still provides a variety of information, such as numerical, textual and geographic data. For instance, the age, entry date and appraisal value of a slave would represent the numerical information. While gender, skills and defect would be textual. Finally, the states and counties would represent the geographical information. …show more content…

The Slave Sale data-set does not tell viewers how each columns may connect with one another, it only gives the basic recordings. However, once you begin to find these connection then you can formulate stories and create arguments. For this data set there were many columns that correlated. For example, gender vs. appraisal, gender vs. skills,and age vs. appraisal. Sometimes more than two columns can correlate to create a more complex story. It is also helpful to use the data as a platform to ask question that the information my not directly answer. Such as, Were these slave masters looking for women who could bear children or looking for men who were physically well? Questions are a way to generate answers, hopefully so you can have a better understanding of the slave

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