Slavery Essay

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     Slavery caused a great impact in the evolution of history. Slavery was the cause of many wars and disruptions along the time line that dates to the present twenty--first century. People of color were deprived of having a life of their own and going about normal ways because of the greed that consumed society. The role of slavery in society attributed to the desperation and anger the slaves felt and lead them to strike against their owners in many occasions. Despite the threats and the unfair treatment, many people of color retaliated and firmly stood up for their rights as equal human beings. It was absurd how society based their government on religion at one point and still managed to dispossess people of …show more content…

He wanted to let it be known that there still was hope for his people of color to break away from their owners and be their own person. Although Parker was lucky and came across good slave owners, he still felt that he needed to get the message to keep on trying to his people through his book. Another reason why he might have published this book is so that slave owners and pro-slavery individuals can see that the people who they abuse daily have more to their mentality than labor and instincts. Parker wanted to be an intimidation for them and in a way declare war. He made sure that he brought people to slavery with or with out the consent of their owners and proved to them that nothing could stop what he believes in not even their Fugitive Acts pressed upon the society at the time.      Parker was a conductor in the Underground Rail Road from Kentucky to Ripley, Ohio.      Parker was a very busy man. He managed to juggle around his work, family, hobby as an inventor and help people of his kind escape from the chains of slavery. Often times his life was at risk and his freedom was nearly confiscated, but that did not stop Parker. He went about helping his people as much as he could. He assisted them to cross the Ohio River and move North and gain the freedom that they so

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