Slavery By Any Other Name

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Slavery by Any Other Name The PBS documentary “Slavery by Any Other Name” was taken place from 1865 to 1945 in the North and South. That was eight decades of slavery. The narrator of this story had a neutral tone throughout the film. It covered slavery and the new forms of force labor that occurred after the 13th Amendment was passed. The document put the many aspects of slavery into a better understanding for me. I was unaware African Americans partake in such misery for eight decades. The slaves were taken advantage of, had no rights, and no control of their own lives. The film wanted to show us all the cruelty that African Americans endured. Slavery was unjust, I disagree with it all. I know slaves were there to serve a purpose, but they did not have to endure such pain physically and mentally. Why did the slaves have to be sold? Why could it not have been dealt with in a better way? I did not quite understand the whole concept of them being sold like they were some kind of materialistic item, when they were human beings with feelings just like anyone else. Could there have been a different approach when it came to slavery? The treatment of the slaves, the beatings, the unfairness, and the misuse of each was such a disgrace. In 1865, the end of the Civil War and the passage of the 13th Amendment, four million slaves were free. They craved independence and freedom. Just because they were free did not mean they did not want to work, they wanted the reassurance of

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