Slavery During The 19th Century

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Talin Ivey
Mr. Decker
US Dual Credit History
13 September 2015
Slavery in 17th Century VS Slavery in the late 19th Century Many people view slavery as one consecutive time period where African Americans were captured and kept to serve the needs of Caucasian individuals and families. But not very many people know the true extent of slavery among the colonies. Less are aware of the nature in which slavery evolved from a trading industry in the 17th century into its greater known state of forced labor in the 19th century. When most people hear the word slave, they picture an African American held in bondage by an English slave holder. While this may be an accurate description for many cases, a lot of different ethnic groups would paint a different picture. When the Spanish first came to America, they saw the natives as their tickets to the riches of the new world. As their greed for wealth and agricultural demand rose, the demand for slaves also began to increase. Although, as time began to reveal, the Spaniards also found it hard to keep the native slaves because many of them had allies and since they were native to the land, they knew it pretty well enough to escape. African enslavement really started when the Spaniards began to seek for slaves that were foreign to the land and would survive their harsh treatment and foreign diseases (McDougal 77). “As early as 1619, a Dutch ship carried the first Africans to Virginia, but it would not be until the 1680s that black
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