Slavery During The United States

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It seems as though slavery has always been etched into our history since the beginning of time. The first recordings of slaves are from the Biblical times. From the Babylonian’s, 18th century BC; to the abolishment of slavery in the United States, 1865; people across the world endured the hardships of slavery. People of all races were enslaved, from the Jews to the African American people. The Jewish people suffered a great deal from the Holocaust, according to, the Detroit News, “Germany has agreed to pay the Jewish survivors $89 billion in reparations” ( While the United States, has made no effort to repay the African American descendants, any reparations. Slavery in American is forever deeply rooted in its history. …show more content…

( Although this was a step in the right direction, African Americans were still discriminated against, beaten and separated from the whites.
Many leaders came about during these times in order to lead the African American people out of racism and to establish equal rights for themselves. Many well-known activists such as W.E.B DuBois, Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X all paved the way for African Americans and their advancement. But it was not until the Civil Rights Movement, led by Martin Luther King, Jr, that made major strides for the African American people.
The Civil Rights Movement, “…is the courage and tenacity people showed in their own communities in their determination to attack segregation and exclusion from the political process.” (The African American Odyssey, pg 596.) The Civil Rights focused on peaceful protests, and non-violent acts. The March on Washington held great significance. Many people believe the Civil Rights movement was a success, but there were also some people who believed the Civil Rights failed the African American Community.
During the Civil Rights Movement there were many supporters as well as those who opposed the

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