Sleep Apnea And Its Effect On Life Expectancy

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The article by Peikoff (2015), 9 Things You Never Knew Your Body Does While You Sleep in Cosmopolitan magazine provides general explanations on the various processes the body cycles through while individuals are sleeping. The article outlines process such as the body’s tendency to lower in temperature, toxin cleanses, paralysis, neural cell repair, and immune system activation which occur during sleep (Peikoff, 2015). It goes on to outline many statistics concerning sleep apnea and its effect on life expectancy in females (Peikoff, 2015). Moreover, many of the claims the article makes, as outlined above, have a biological and psychological scientific basis; however, the article fails to mention the sources from which its conclusions was drawn from. That said, in this paper three differing journal articles will be presented that focus on the different processes that take place during sleep. The scientific journal articles will be analyzed and compared to the Cosmopolitan article. as summarized above. The journal article by Motivala and Irwin (2007), Sleep and Immunity: Cytokine Pathways Linking Sleep and Health, published in Current Directions in Psychological Science journal, details the mechanism sleep influences the immune system. The study analyzes the role of immunological signalling molecules cytokines and interleukin on regulating sleep(Motivala & Irwin, 2007). Cytokine molecules are crucial to sleep regulation in that higher levels of the signalling molecule are

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