Sleep Disorders And Sleep Disorder

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Every single person in the world sleeps, but why or what exactly makes us sleep? This is a very good question because everyone does it without actually thinking about it. Knowing or even trying to understand how one sleeps can be a very interesting topic to dissect. This also gives researchers a wide area of study for collecting data and then interpreting that data for doctors to help patients. It is important to learn and study sleep, especially if one has one or more sleeping disorder(s). We can study that behavior and find ways to remedy or even cure whichever sleep disorder(s) you may have. Not getting adequate sleep can cause many everyday tasks to be rather difficult to accomplish and also even make every day learning and remembering more difficult. Not only remembering during the day, but also remembering when you are sleeping. You may be asking, remembering when you sleep? Well, when you get an insufficient amount of sleep you become more prone to sleep disorders such as parasomnia and obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep is a topic that many neuropsychologists would like to study in order to better understand the body in its state of rest and even find how sleep is related to crime and in more appalling cases, murder. First, why do we sleep? Sleep is a very complex and sometimes a very hard to understand matter of human life. We all know that sleep is a necessity and if we don’t get an adequate amount then things start to deteriorate in our mind and body. Thomas Edison

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