Sleep On It ! By Robert Stickgold

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Alantis Seckal
Doctor Pearsall
February,8, 2017
Summary of SLEEP ON IT!
SLEEP ON IT! is written by Robert Stickgold, director of the Center for Sleep, who explains the research done on the importance of sleep. The article begins by asking whether we really need to sleep? Stickgold explains how everyone needs to sleep because it is driven physiologically to be done. Allan Rechtschaffen, the world`s greatest sleep researchers of the 70’s, says that sleep is the most vital function of life. Where as J. Allan Hobson, also a great sleep researcher in the 90’s, says that the only way to cure sleepiness is to sleep. Sleep serves a benefit in a number of biological processes. Some examples of the biological processes are helping the immune …show more content…

There was a study on how sleep deprivation effects the immune system. In the studies shown, people who were well rested had a high percentage of antibodies than that of a person who loses sleep. Also, fifty-six percent of the people who slept well had an increase in their antibody level for every additional hour of sleep. So, when one does sleep like they should they are risking their immune system from working correctly and fighting off diseases.
In the central nervous system lost of sleep causes the brain functions such as memory, emotion, regulation of appetite, and learning to be affected negatively. It makes you very forgetful and ruins your eating cycle. Furthermore, lost of sleep causes the endocrine system to act up too. The body starts to act unresponsive to the hormone Insulin produced in the endocrine system. With the body acting unresponsive to the hormone insulin has the person more at risk for being obese.
In the future, the lost of the sleep on society will affect it heavily. There are so many different things affecting sleep as a whole. For example there is social media, video games, television, jobs, and etc. This being said, sleep deprivation will have more sick people in the world. They won’t be able to fight off diseases. This is why new diseases keep forming because everyone’s immune system is shot from the lack of sleep. If vaccines were given it still would not be able to prevent the

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