Slippery Ice Short Story

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“Ok, Dhvani slowly step on the ice, and make sure to hold the railing for a little support, but do not depend on it.”

Mentally, I was beaming with excitement but physically my body would not budge off the carpet onto the shiny slippery ice. I wasn't nervous in my mind, although I think that my body was. So I took a deep breath and with my trembling leg I stepped on the ice.

Instantly, my skates were on the ice, and I was standing there holding the railing, not daring to even move a muscle. Although now all the excitement in me had died out and faded away. All I was feeling was nervousness. The nervousness that I would slip any second and break a bone or two. I was about to come back on the carpet when I heard my instructor say...

“Come on what are you thinking, you can do this it’s just like walking, but you …show more content…

So my instructor put out some pylons for me, he first showed me what to do and I followed. After 20 minutes I was able to turn in circles and make an infinity sign on the ice. I was having a blast and could not wait for what we would do next. Although sadly the instructor said that that's all we were going to do today and next class we would learn something new.

I wasn’t able to do any of the fancy moves yet, but I did have fun and couldn't wait for my next ice skating class.

By now everyone in my ice skating class had left, and I and some of my other friends were just goofing around and playing on the ice waiting for our parents to come pick us up. That’s when I felt someone’s shoulder bump into mine, which sent me twirling on the spot.

When I finally stopped my instructor caught me before I could fall onto the ice. When I was up and balanced on the ice again everyone started clapping. I was really confused at that moment; I didn't know how to react or what to say so all I did was ask.

“What happened, why are you all

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