Small Doctors Office Case Study

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Security and Privacy Plan for a Small Doctors' Office having 4 Doctors and 10 Staff An Enterprise-wide Network Security Plan The safety and security of information within a network system is one of the main emergent aspects in information technology today. Emergent from network security are the goals of confidentiality, integrity and availability within a system. As per the organization presented in the case study, a clinic, information stored in the system could be quite delicate. The users of this system have to uphold a high level of professionalism in order to ensure both privacy and integrity has been maintained in the network. The network should only be accessed by authorized users who have the mandate to login and retrieve information needed at any given time. …show more content…

It is expected that no remote console capabilities will take place, and if so, the remote console is not only highly monitored, but also given a unique password. Most Common Vulnerabilities, Risks, and Issues Addressed by the Plan. Operating system-level vulnerabilities. The operating system being a core resource in the functionality and performance of a network system, it is often a target by malicious users. The security and privacy action plan ensures that the operating system has been safeguarded through such things as hardening of the operating system among other measures (Moran & Levinger, 2003). Hardware attacks. Through the limitation of processes such as access, printing, control of the connection of portable devices among others, trojan horses and viruses are avoided within the network. Under this, it could also be said that data modification is monitored and controlled. Spoofing. This is a kind of vulnerability/attack through the sending e-mails that look as if they are coming from a legitimate company or person when they are

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