Smart Lunch In High School

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Have you ever thought of the Hoggard cafeteria building as being a jungle you have to fight your way through every day just to get a bite to eat? SMART lunch should be a time to study, do homework, or relax. But how can I focus with people stomping down the hall like a herd of elephants or screeching like chimps fighting for the ripest banana? My only escape is the chorus room but even the short fifty foot walk down the hall is unnecessarily difficult and sometimes dangerous. One day in particular almost pushed me over the edge. As usual, the building was chaos forcing me to weave and dodge through the crowd but as I turned the corner to head towards the chorus room my path was deliberately blocked. Kids were standing shoulder to shoulder laughing refusing to let me past. When I asked them to move they laughed and said, “what's the password”. I finally managed to push past them but one of them tripped me making me spill my lunch all over the floor. One of the lunch ladies saw what happened and let me get more food and made the kids in the hall clean up the mess.…show more content…
Making it almost impossible to focus on getting work done. These issues were not always this bad it only started this year when they started keeping us from leaving the building or going to different parts of the school during lunch. I understand that these students in the hall’s behavior is unacceptable but I also understand that some people have a harder time controlling their pent up energy by denying us the ability to move freely between buildings removes some kids outlets causing them to act
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