Smartphone Case Study : Mobile And Sound Amplification Essay

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Research Paper Stage- 3

Smartphone Case with a built in battery and sound amplification

Prithvi Ravikumar

Under the Guidance of
Dr. Balaji Sethuramasamyraja

IT285 Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Fall 2016

Smartphones are the most trending gadgets that everyone has nowadays. Almost everyone use smartphones today. Smartphones have lot of uses with people which include calling, texting, internet and lots and lots of uses. These smart phones also have lot of accessories like headset, cases and etc. In cases or covers are the important one to protect the smartphones from damage or scratch. There are lot of smartphone cases available in the market from rubber to hard plastic covers. It is very important to find a good cover for your smartphone to keep it safe from damages because the smartphones in these days are very slim, therefore the probability of slipping down the smartphone is high. Also to save money as we have some high end smartphones that are costlier. People nowadays are more used to smartphones from maps to internet that they can’t even stay without a mobile for one hour so it is very important to keep our smartphone safe with a good smartphone cover.
Smartphones are the ones which we are going to hold every day where we use that for everything nowadays. Apart from all other uses of the smartphones people use it for entertainment too. Music is something everyone likes. Music can change your mood and relax. People started listening to…

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