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Stop Smoking I. Attention A. Take a deep breath. Allow the fresh air into your healthy lungs and then exhale. Now, stand near a smoker. Take a deep breath. Allowed your lungs to take in the same amount of air as you did the first time, then exhale. Did you cough? When you took a deep breath next to the smoker, you breathed in the smoke from the cigarette. That smoke has the same harsh chemicals that are entering in your lungs. “Acetaldehyde is in tobacco smoke. Acetaldehyde is a hazardous air pollutant” ( B. Reason: “Every year, tobacco-related disease kills about 202,000 women in the US” ( Stop secondhand smoking, and help the world become healthier for everyone. C. My mother and oldest sister used to smoke and was able to stop cold turkey because they were pregnant. My boyfriend Seth still smokes at the age 20. I have done constant research to help Seth stop smoking. D. PROPOSITION: I am against smoking. Due to the health affects that come along with smoking. Also to help the people who do not smoke keep away from second hand smoking which can also causes smoke related problems. E. PREVIEW: Today I am going to inform you and help you make a decision that might help you and the people around you. So I am going to let you know what happens to a smoker’s body. What is second hand smoking. What the benefits are to smoker’s that stop smoking. II. NEED STEP A. Affects of smoking (SMOKEFREE.GOV) 1. Brain a. Addiction b. Nicotine 2. Head and face a.

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