The World War II Era

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It is striking how much our world has changed in the last 75 years; our technology as well as our knowledge has advanced by leaps and bounds. The World War II era was a time of rampant progression for America on many levels. Women entered the workforce out of necessity, and as a result women became a driving force in the economy: they made money, and they spent it. Marketing agencies understood this and they began tailoring their advertisements toward women. When war broke out and we began shipping our men off to battle, marketing agencies used the American people’s sympathies toward our soldiers to sell more products. With the limited knowledge about the products they were selling, advertisements from this era focused more on how the item made them “cool”, how it was “good for you”, and how it was the better than the rest – all without truly understanding the product, or the long – term effects it might create. Modern advertising has changed dramatically, with the advancement of so many fields; we have more information about the products that are being sold, and there are many more regulations about truth in advertising. It’s a completely different playing field for marketing firms today, they have to employ far more creativity to hook an audience and get their message across than our counterparts in the WWII era. Advertising has a powerful role in shaping the culture of a nation, and has the power to change self-perception. Cigarette advertisements are one of the best
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