Snarf's Sandwich Research Paper

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James Beard, a champion of American cuisine, once said, “Too few people understand a really good sandwich” I find this saying to be more true now than ever because with cheep sub shops gaining popularity the art of a good sandwich is dying out. Through the years I have had amazing sandwiches, and other times not so amazing. At Snarf’s Sandwiches the ladder is never an option. I am a student in 8th at Silver Hills Middle School and I live near the school. As you may or may not know there is a Snarf’s location very close to my school. This location is at 1975 W 120th Ave Westminster, CO 80234, which make the trip over extremely easy whenever my family, friends or I, am craving a mouth watering, crispy, premium Snarf’s Sandwich. My personal favorite…show more content…
As I said before I introduce as many people as I can to Snarf’s but getting them to believe that the world's finest sandwich is just a short distance away is quite difficult. Because I am a kid, I find, that people believe me less for decisions such as where to eat. This would be much easier to do if I was able to let them try your food first. I feel that if you give my class food for around thirty students you will have made thirty plus future customers. I know how Snarf’s has changed my life for the better and I know it will for other people too if they can try it.

Finally, you may be thinking what’s in it for you and I can see why. Free food does not seem like a good choice but when I tried Snarf’s I was hooked and I'm sure it will happen to these kids too. As a business that never compromises quality, you should know how important customer satisfaction is and no one will be satisfied with a cheap fast food sandwich. To prevent this a chain like Snarf’s must step in and make things right.

To conclude, I would like it if you could introduce my class to you're amazing restaurant. You can contact me through email at or write me at Silver Hills Middle School 12400 Huron St. Westminster, CO 80234 addressed to Jonah Gollata. I understand and respect whatever decision you
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