Essay Snow Surfing : An Event to Remember

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Snow Surfing : An Event to Remember

Surf the snow! I tried it and now I love it. I had never tried snowboarding or anything like it before and I wanted to be able to learn so badly. Today was the day I had been waiting for; I was going to try snowboarding for the very first time. I distinctly remember my first day on the mountain. It was a beautiful winter morning, the sun was reflecting off the snow covered pine trees and there was just a slight breeze through my hair. Snowboarding can be truly difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it snowboarding is an experience you will never forget.

This is going to be tough, I think to myself. I arrive at Terry Peak Ski Resort, right outside of Spearfish, SD. The …show more content…

She helps me flip my board over so that I am now on my knees.
I push myself up twice before I get to a standing position which I am able to hold for a whole forty-five seconds. After what seems to be like ten billion times of trying to get up I finally do.

Now that I can get up I have to learn to stop. This requires me to lean back and still stay standing. "I mean what kind of deal is that?” I whisper quietly to my friends. The instructor tries to explain the basics while we do our best to dig the heel side of our boards into the snow. After several times of practice I am ready to go to the top of the mountain. "Yes!" I thought, "It is now time to go down the hill." "I am making it down this hill before I return home," I say aloud. Our instructor takes us to the top of the hill and we begin to use the techniques we just learned.

Then all of the sudden she says," I think you guys can handle this. I need to go on my lunch break." We are only halfway down the hill and it has taken us what felt like an hour. I act all cool like I can handle it, but actually I want to yell, “WHAT!” I don’t know if you want to call what I was doing snowboarding, but I was on my feet sliding down the hill. Angie and Emily are having a little trouble and decide to slide on their stomachs. All of the sudden I plummet face first into the snow and roll several times before stopping in front of my friends. “Are you

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