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Snow on Arizona SnowBowl? Works Cited Missing “A typical Ski season at the Arizona Snow-Bowl lasts from December to Easter” (Arizona SnowBowl Upgrade proposed Action, September 2002, p.2). The Arizona Snow-Bowl, which is located in the San Francisco Peaks, seven miles outside of Flagstaff, Arizona was only open for four days last year! Alarming? Yes, this is why the Arizona Snow bowl has released a fool proof plan, which consists of making their own snow! The Arizona SnowBowl’s fool proof plan is to remodel their whole ski resort. The remodeling would include the building of one new chair lift, the addition of new ski runs, maintenance work on three existing chair lifts, lighting for night time skiing,…show more content…
The evidence that these people are using supports their opinions very clearly. “Many of these tribes hold true that if this Holy Mountain is disturbed, than so too the fabric of their culture, their spirituality and their livelihood will be disturbed” (SnowBowl Expansion, p.1). The San Francisco Peaks are a sacred place to thirteen tribes in Northern Arizona. The tribes go up to the mountain for religious beliefs, ceremonies, and prayers. Specifically, the tribes pray to the rain gods. If snow machines are put on the mountain, that would defeat the purpose of praying for rain. The holiness of the peaks would be lost for the Native Americans, knowing that their prayers are being disrespected by the Arizona SnowBowl. One aspect of the whole snow making process that people are overlooking is the moral correctness. The unnatural snow created by the snow machines will change the mountain in an unnatural way. By artificially adding reclaimed water to the mountain, the resort disturbs the natural environment, which will inevitably change the terrain of the mountain. Instead we need to learn to accept the natural conditions provided to us, and stop interfering with our fragile environment. The habitat and ecosystem of the San Francisco Peaks is rare. The Mountains are located in the middle of the desert, so the

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