Soccer Descriptive Essay

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Teammate I woke up at six, I didn’t get a lot of sleep that night because I was filled with anxiety. It was the last day of soccer tryouts and I wasn’t so excited about going. The day before I was informed that I wouldn’t be starting the season with varsity which saddened me. I couldn’t let that keep me down from trying hard today, for I still needed to prove that I wanted to be there. I packed up all my soccer equipment before eating breakfast. “Good luck today Jack!” my dad said “Go out there and kick ball!” he said with amusement and yet with seriousness. That line was my dad's favorite saying before every soccer activity. He also enjoyed serenading us with words of wisdom before my brother and I left. As we were driving to the high school I thought to myself, it doesn’t matter the team I will be on for we are all linked together in a community much larger than you’d think. A teammate, there is a lot of satisfaction in that word for to me it is friendship and having eachothers backs. Being a teammate means everyone is supportive and respectful of each other. The community that is created involves all the families involved in the soccer program. From brothers to sisters, mothers and fathers who were coaches and brought oranges. To me being a teammate on any level of team is perfectly fine to me. We pulled into the parking lot at the high school and gaver each other a nod and walked off to our fields. As I walked over I saw a lot of new faces mostly from the grade

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