Soccer Descriptive Speech

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The crowd is stomping their feet chanting “USA! USA!”, trying to make as much noise as they can despite their gloved hands and frozen feet. The entire stadium is shaking as the fans show their support for our goalie who just laid out for a stunning save. As we settle back into our seats, wrapping blankets back around our shoulders, I hear from behind me, “God is helping out between those poles tonight.” “Yeah, he must be a U.S. Women’s fan too cuz Lord knows the men’s team is terrible.” This come from two middle aged women decked out in U.S. Soccer gear sitting a row behind me. The group of people around them chuckle after hearing this exchange. It’s just a fact around here: the women play better. Just three months later I walk into Jordan Field, home of the Boston Breakers, a professional women’s soccer team and as we walk towards the stands one of my friends jokes that even our high school has a better stadium than this. The sun is beating down on me, I squint up at the stands noticing how empty they are despite the small number of seats. Once the game starts it’s clear that the fans here are just as enthusiastic as U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) fans, there just happens to be a lot less of them. I began to wonder how is it that 26,500 people are willing to stand in the freezing cold to support the USWNT, but a professional women’s soccer league that runs in the middle of the summer only averages about 6,610 fans per game (“U.S. WNT vs. England” 1, “2017 NWSL

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