Soccer Narrative Speech

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“Celebrate what you have accomplished but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed” states Mia Hamm; the former highest leading, female goal scorer in world. It is unknown who stated, “there is a first time for everything” although it is blatantly obvious, that it is true.There is a first time a person walks, runs, smiles, frowns, fall’s in love, or get’s their heart broken. For Mia Hamm, soccer was nothing new to her when she scored her first goal for the Unites States Women’s National Team, but it was her first professional goal. Now, don’t get confused, I am not in anyway comparing my soccer abilities to Mia Hamm, we just have a common interest, scoring goals and of course, soccer. Scoring my first goal became an experience I will never forget. The experience and memories that are created from accomplishing something new and challenging, will never be for gotten.For you to understand how exciting the event was, you have to know the background information about my soccer experiences. My freshman year of High School, I went in strongly believing I was going to run track; needless to say, I never saw the track again. I was put into a gym class with the soccer coach and he began pestering me to try out for the soccer team. As season got closer, the never ending begging grew stronger. I decided to give soccer a fair chance. After three vigorous, never-ending days of tryouts, to a rookie, I made the team. The news came as a surprise to me. I hardly watched soccer,

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