Soccer Vs Soccer Essay

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Sports, as we all know, have a huge impact on people lives. These different activities provide means of entertainment and at the same time, they improve various aspects of the individuals; having a very important role in society, helping improve social skills, health, and people well-being.
Soccer and basketball are two very different sports with very different rules, dimensions, uniforms, and venues are some of them, but they have a very significant aspect in common, ¨teamwork¨. This one is a very serious matter in sports and can have a big positive impact in today’s society. Soccer, for instance, has some very specific rules; each team is composed of eleven players, usually structured with one goalkeeper, four defenders, three middle fielders and three forwards who have 90 minutes to score as many goals as possible against the other team and to stop them from scoring; all of this using their feet to hit the ball. Basketball, on the other hand, is played by a team of five per side with the same basic idea from soccer; both teams have a specific time to score as many points as they can. In this case they play using their hands, and instead of having a goal, they have a hoop they have to shoot the ball through. Both sports require all the players in a team to work together, and this way guarantee a good time playing these sports as well as obtaining a positive outcome. Teams that are more connected, more solid and with a better overall communication is usually the one that

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