Social And Cultural Aspects Of Child Development

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In this assignment the key topics relating to Early Years practice will be discussed including: the psychodynamic perspective (also known as emotional development), play and social-cultural factors. This assignment will present an explanation of the contribution made by the psychodynamic perspective to understanding child development and the application of this perspective to Early Years practice. In addition this assignment will identify the social and cultural aspects of child development.
“The success of young children’s emotional development is very dependent on their individual personal experiences, the quality of social interactions with others and the influences of the environments in which they live” (Daly et al, 2006, p.142)
There are two main theories under the psychodynamic perspective which are: Attachment theory and Psychoanalytic theory.
The first theory this assignment will cover is the theory of attachment. John Bowlby was the first person to propose a theory of attachment, within the 1950’s and 60’s. Within this theory, it stated that attachment was ‘monotrophy’ which means that a child only attached to one figure (Walkup 2008). Bowlby also stated that this monotrophy figure had to be the mother, during a critical period which was specified as the first twelve months for most children. However, he also said that the period could expend up to 3 years. John Bowlby stated that without the mother figure to attach to, the child would suffer from

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