Child Development 1-19

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Child Development – Research Task Child Age of 0-12 months Physical Development 3 Months * Weak legs not strong enough to hold body weight. * Can hold head up for several seconds without aid. * Grasps toys, but cannot coordinate movement. * Hands feel and touch objects, exploration through touch. 6 Months * Moves arms purposefully * Begins to roll and bounce. * Will stand on legs when supported. * Plays with feet when lying on their back. * Will move and attempt to lift head when lying down. 9 Months * May begin to crawl. * Can lean in different directions to pick up objects. * Attempts to walk when supported. * Begins to sit up without aid. * Can stand without help, but cannot…show more content…
* Copying of facial expressions and in some cases sounds. * Enjoying small games such as ‘peek a boo’. 12 Months * Doesn’t like to be parted from a familiar adult. * Less use of their mouth to explore and feel objects. * They begin in some instances to feed themselves, though lacking the needed coordination, resulting in a lot of mess. * The child sometimes greets familiar adults, usually with a sound or gesture of some sort. * They can grasp, hold and use a drink with a lid. Their development in these first few months revolves around their increased understanding of their surroundings. This leads to their consequent displeasure when removed from a familiar setting. They recognise adults and sounds and now begin to react to a greater degree. They have favourite objects and show happiness around the people they recognise. Child Age of 1-2 years Physical Development * Falling over frequently when walking. * Managing to walk up stairs, and sometimes after more practice being able to walk back down. * Being able to kneel. * The ability to get up from a sitting position without any help. * Being able to sit down without falling to the ground. * Also able to walk small distances, using arms for balance. However walking will be uneven and with wide steps. This ranges largely from child to child, since some will learn the skill quicker than others. 18 Months * To be able to sit down not only on the floor
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