Social And Social Factors Of The Five Levels In Public Health

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“An ecological model looks at how the social environment, including interpersonal, organizational, community, and public policy factors, supports and maintains unhealthy behaviors” (211). The major component of the ecological model is that it promotes how the individuals’ behaviors and choices are influenced by the five levels in Public Health. Each level is a target that helps with the spread of health promotion. The first level is intra personal factors, which is the smallest level of the five. It focuses more on the individual, personally, and it revolves around his/her skills, attitudes, and knowledge about himself/herself. The second level is the interpersonal relations, and this is less about the individual, but more focused on the …show more content…

This includes non-smoking areas in public and wearing the seatbelt when someone is in a vehicle. The public health concerns of Community X is relatively high. Using the Evidence-based Public Health Approach, there are steps that needs to be evaluated for the poor community. There is a mental and physical health problem of this community. The mental health problem is that teenagers are being influenced by their parents, by watching them do their horrible habits, which influences the teenagers to have those bad habits, as well. Another health problem, which is the physical part, is that teenagers in this community constantly abuse their bodies with endless drugs, alcohol, and unsafe sex. The risk factors associated with teenagers being rebellious in this community is endless. One risk factor would be an increase in drug overdose in the community, since teenagers drink and take drugs at the same time. Also, there will be many mental risk factors, such as being mentally ill later on in the future, or being diagnosed as an early adult. Drugs can easily affect the mental health, as well as teenagers are being persuaded to have bad habits by their own parents. Finally, one more risk factor from this community is that teenagers are more likely to not succeed in life and go to college. If they are doing drugs and alcohol on a daily basis and not attending to their high schools, then their GPA will be very low, and that won’t be able to be

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