Social Bullying And Cyberbullying

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Social media stems from the technological advancement the world is witnessing today; while it has allowed for easier accessed information and communication, it has also developed into negative behaviors and interactions. The behavior that is regularly used on social media has caused for people to become more secluded from the outside world. Today, people are less likely to proactively function within a normal-day scenario. “Social media behavior” can be described as someone becoming more risky in the way they act and the way they converse with people online versus when they are in public. A direct effect from this type of behavior is cyberbullying. Recently, cyberbullying has become a nation-wide issue that is only getting worse. Teens …show more content…

His parents would have a hard time getting him out of his room for quality family time. If they succeeded in getting him away from his “second life,” he would not engage with anyone, perhaps too enchanted by the video games and texts on his phone (Doughty). Regardless of the fact that a teenager is in a room with people, their lives can be so corrupted with an overabundance of technology and social media. All of this excessive exposure leads to the debilitating “social media behavior.” Once again, teenagers are able to jump on the bandwagon with popular artist and celebrity endorsement. This type of behavior also results in awful usage of manners. For example, if one sees how a Kardashian may act in public, criticizing the looks of another person or their treatment of services, they too may develop these maladaptive habits of social interactions. At one point, Kim Kardashian was regarded as the “Rudest Woman of the Year”; yet, the youth of this nation place her upon a pedestal and worship her for her Internet popularity. By having these types of people as the “role models” that are constantly displayed among social media, this generation’s youth is not going to holding the door open for ladies any time soon. The reality that this new, rude social media behavior is causing teens to become “less social” in public settings without a screen is

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