Social Discrimination In Beolation And Social Abortion In The Workplace

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Additionally, people with CF use social isolation as a defence mechanism to avoid the anxiety from comparisons to healthier peers (Pfeffer, Pfeffer, & Hodson, 2003).Without this experience of intimacy, individuals will become isolated, lose themselves, and reject those who may become close (Peterson, 2010; Maier, 1978). Furthermore, for people with CF, social support from family and partners are determinants for a good quality of life (QoL), which is a critical predictor of survival (Besier & Goldbeck, 2012). Therefore, the tendency of those with chronic illnesses to avoid intimacy can consequent in poor mental, social, and physical well-being (World Health Organization, n.d.).

Encountered in middle adulthood, the seventh stage, generativity versus stagnation, relates to the contributions that an individual can make to assist society and the younger generations in developing a meaningful life through having a productive career (Peterson, 2010). With the medical advances, people with CF have attained an increased life expectancy that has allowed them to maintain regular jobs. However, being a recent phenomenon, employers do not yet know how to accommodate the health needs of people with CF so that they can sustain their career. Consequently, many must leave their jobs. Additionally, those with CF often receive pay cuts and discrimination in the workplace due to their condition (Targett et al., 2014). Such circumstances can discourage individuals and lead to the feelings of

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