Social, Family And Environmental Influences On Human Development Essay

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Human Development • Introduction • Cultural context & Social influence (Vygotsky) • Physical environment (Vygotsky) • Family influence (Bowlby) • Social and family environment (Bronfenbrenner) • Conclusions • References “You cannot predict the outcome of human development .All you can do like a farmer create the conditions under which it wellbeing flourish"(Robinson.K.2001)This essay will discussed social , family and environmental influences on human development ,across in whole life-span .And relate three theorist 's respective concepts including Vygotsky ,Bronfenbrenner and Bowlby who has made great contributions in early childhood education ,combined their theory as well give more conclusion . In social environment, the social cultural impact of each person, the each person also creates the new social cultural. Vygotsky was a famous Former Soviet Union psychologist, he emphasized the social cultural has more influence than other factors to children development, children has a dramatic increases of study skills, in their cultural context where of people living. The important elements of children cognitive development that is: society and cultural environment .Because in a fundamental way ,children cognitive function from cultural products、social actives and concepts. Language、belief、history、and environment are invisible textbook of children,among language is major course, which is necessary section of survival, they can throughout simple

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