Social Groups Essay

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Social groups have existed throughout time. We know that small social groups have existed in the form of families throughout the history of human kind. Adam and Eve are said to have been the first social group. Social groups are defined as having two or more people interact and identify with one another. Some social groups include but are not limited to; the handicap, the homeless, the poor, the wealthy, the powerful, different religious groups, different races and even sexual orientation. There are several reasons why people join social groups. Most people join social groups because there are many benefits for belonging to a group. People like to feel connected and feel that they can relate to others. People tend to belong to groups…show more content…
Granted, we have come a long way, but there are still many people who are a long way from changing their attitudes towards them.
"On March 3, 1991, Rodney King was the driver of a car in Los Angeles, California. The driver didn't stop when signaled by a police car behind him, but increased his speed. When police finally stopped the car, they delivered 56 baton blows and six kicks to King, in a period of two minutes, producing 11 skull fractures, brain damage, and kidney damage. Unaware that the incident had been videotaped, the police officers filed inaccurate reports, not mentioning the fact that Rodney King was left with head wounds. On March 15, 1991, four police officers were arraigned on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and use of excessive force" (Mike Lepore).

This event may have lead to the bad attitudes towards authority, particularly against the police. Many African Americans felt that this would not have happened if Rodney King had been white. They believed that the only reason why Rodney King was beaten was because he was an African American. When the four white police officers were acquitted by a white jury selected from the suburbs, thousands of people in South Central Los Angeles responded to the verdict with several days of rioting. The majority of low income families are minorities. Some people who have no jobs and for those who have jobs, their wages are usually very low and they may end up turning to crime and
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