Social Identity

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There are multiple social identities a person holds such as race, sex, class and sexual orientation. In each society there is typically a group within each of these categories that benefits from their membership in that group, commonly referred to as the dominant group. Accordingly, there is a group, or groups, that hurt from not being a part of the dominant group. While there are hundreds of cultures and societies around the globe, many of the same groups consistently dominate within an identity. An identity I have that falls under the privileged group within America is being white. The benefits I have received from being apart of this social group have existed since I first entered school at the age of four and I continue to benefit from them, under no fault or good behavior of my own. In a previous Human Relations course I took, we discussed the difference in how dominant and subordinate groups go about their day-to-day life. One of the major differences happens around the time a person enters school. An easy way to generally know if you belong to a privileged group is to ask yourself if you ever had to be taught about what it means to belong to that group. In other words, who has to be taught what it means to be born into the body they were born into. As a white person growing up in middle class, Midwestern America, I was never taught about what it means to be white. This alone is a privilege because I have been able to live my entire life without ever being

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