Social Impacts Of Nike : Social Responsibility Project

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Social Responsibility Project I had no clue that Nike was so into social responsibility and it is extremely impressive what they have done already. From using plastic bottles in their clothing to turning their old shoes into rubber mats at playgrounds, they have a huge impact on the world around us. All of the videos I watched mentioned how Nike was trying to make everything they sell in their brand able to be recycled and turned into another product of theirs or something useful for the community. According to the videos the material in all of their shoes can be recycled into new shoes, or they grind them up into a rubber mat for playgrounds in the communities around the world. They also talk about coming up with a circle of products that will eventually stop us taking resources from the earth, because we reuse all the materials that are already in use. For example, we would never need to create more rubber because all the rubber that isn’t being used would be recycled into a new product and be in use again. Their ultimate goal is better the world so they allow other companies to use their patents for a small fee. When asked why they allow this instead of keeping it to themselves to stay ahead of the other companies, they said that the world won’t get better with one company. All of the companies and corporations need to work as a team to better the world. I ,personally, think it will take a long time before that will ever become a reality, but it will be really awesome

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