Social Inequality : A Social Institute Of Society And Its Leading Function

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Social inequality differentiates society, divides it into different social groups and classes. Inequality has many facets and it appears in various sections of the unified social system: family, institutions, enterprise and social groups. For normal functioning of society, it is needed the optimal combination of all activities. The society reproduces inequality, because it needs it as a source sustenance and development. In terms of functionalism every society does need a class stratification, since the unequal distribution of social goods serves as a tool for solving problems, allocation and motivation of individuals within the social structure. It concludes that social inequality is useful for society, because social stratification …show more content…

Not everybody can run the country or business, just because of the lack of talent; not everybody can be a doctor or scientist; musician or a plumber. That 's why everybody should do what he is able to and like the most.
Parsons assumed that individuals are born with attributed status, but later due to the education the differentiation process begins by acquiring certain roles. Children are enrolled in primary school relatively homogeneous within their inherent socio-economic status and age. Schools in fact organize a competition between individuals, where the contestants are initially in terms of equal opportunities. Parsons believes that there is dependence between economic background of the family and the ability of the child. Usually children who haven’t any problems at school are living in families with a higher level of culture and income. Such parents do care more about the achievements of their child, they try to encourage their child to school, great achievements and results, which in future might lead to success. They develop children’s skills and talents, involve them to the culture by reading them books, attending theater etc. Usually such parents possess a secondary education. Furthermore, the children of parents with a high level of culture and income often communicating with educated people outside the family (friends of the family) what is playing a huge role on the child life outlook. The same rule but from the other side can be applied to the

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