Social Inequality In The Film The One Percent

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“The social positions that individuals occupy help to determine who they are, what they think and do, where they are going, and what happens to them” (pg.256 Social Inequality). The film The One Percent spoke of inequality and served as an example regarding how the rich remain in control of political policies that allow them to acquire more wealth while limiting opportunities for the poor. “It easier to cleanse the earth of these people and send them to the far reaches of the universe” (Class film). This type of mentality has attributed to the reduction of positive life chances among the poor population. Many underprivileged individuals were denied safety (community police), education, and housing based on bias. “Those with lower levels of …show more content…

Minimization of education reduces chances of employment and training opportunities that can enable lower classes to generate income .Also the reduction of government housing. “This attributes to a larger poor population competing for smaller numbers of affordable residences” (pg. 272 Social Inequality). This purposely creates a higher cost of living which is a tactic used by the rich to keep the poor in underprivileged neighborhoods. Which ultimately increases crime and creates unsafe living conditions within poor communities. In addition, employer exploitation was also seen in the film unsafe working conditions, unfair wages and unethical treatment of the poor workers were used to increase production and profits for The Florida Crystals Corporation. The Fanjul’s used their financial power to create laws which gave work visas for the individuals employed to work in the sugar cane fields. There were many strategies which enabled the rich to prosper from financial advisors, political corruption, illegal work wages, and paid political persuasion it's clear the poor and their needs will continue to be overlooked if the rich continue to use their money to maintain 50% percent of the nation’s wealth without suffering any

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