Social Interaction and Poor Education are Reasons for HomeSchooling

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In the United States, an increasing number of parents are deciding to Home School their children because they are unhappy with the quality of education offered in public schools. Moreover, parents may have other reasons why they feel that public schools are not suitable for their children such as; social interaction. Parents worry their children will suffer from bullying or will be forced into antisocial behavior by peer pressure. They believe that the good behavior they have taught the child will be lost in school. Another reason is concern over the quality of schooling available. Schools frequently have large classes. They are often under-funded, and staffed by teachers without sufficient knowledge of their subjects. Subjects such as the …show more content…

According to a magazine article written by Peterson, Paul E. “The Home-Schooling Special”, he writes that families believe their children will benefit from a curriculum chosen by the parent, because they are able to plan for the needs and learning abilities of their child. He also cites that families are able to promote the choice to explore different subjects, without a time line of when it needs to be completed, unlike the time constraints within a public school classroom. Another equally important reason that parents homeschool their children is because they are concerned for the safety of the learning environment their child is in. As I read the article by Lyman, Isabel. “Answers to homeschool questions: knowledgeable answers to seven frequently asked questions about homeschooling explain the benefits of home education and dispel some typical misperceptions. (Education) a question was asked, “Why do families choose to homeschool?” Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute answered saying that increased safety is one of the main reasons that family’s homeschool. He answers that physical violence, drug and alcohol use, and peer pressure to engage in premarital sexual behavior is among the concerns that parents have with sending their

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