Social Interactions And Development : Young Age Group Essay

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Younger Age Group 2. Social Interactions/Development While observing the younger age group, I observed many social interactions and play. One example was EJ, a male born on 6/3/2015, who was stacking blocks with an adult in the room. He would stack them up and knock them over each time he built a tower. I identified this play as exploratory because he was using the tangible properties of the blocks (Steinberg, Bornstein, Vandell, & Rook, 2011). I identified his social skills as normative. He enjoyed knocking down the blocks and thought it was funny to knock over his work. He would giggle to himself every time he knocked them over. He also always looked at the adult’s expression when knocking the blocks over. This was another factor in identifying his normative development because he understood he had an audience and looked for their attention (Oesterreich, 2007). 3.Emotional Development While in the younger age group, I observed many examples of emotions. EJ, a male born on 6/3/2015, gave me a great insight. He showed anger when Tula took his toy. He screamed and yelled until someone paid attention to him. I assessed this as normative because many toddlers at that age have a hard time understanding the concept of sharing. EJ showed happiness as he was running around the room laughing and giggling. I assessed this as normative because he expressed his emotions normally as someone would when they are happy. He also showed affection when the teacher walked into the room by
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