Social Issues Of The Community And One Of Them Is Poverty

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There are many social issues in the community and one of them is poverty. In 2013, fourteen and a half percent of the people in the United States were in poverty (Feeding America). Poverty tends to result from unemployment, low income, or a lack of education ( To begin with, Poverty is a big social issue that needs to be stopped as it leads to crime, hunger, and homelessness. It can rot communities from the inside out. If people could tackle this at home then they could more easily help with global issues. People should get involved in helping these people. Poverty can be felt everywhere whether a person is rich or poor. People should help those in poverty after being fortunate to have what they have (NIV Bible).
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Education is a great way to counteract this as it give people better chances of getting good jobs (Ward). It is actually cheaper to send someone to college than a youth correctional facility (Ward). Education can help the next generation do what the last generation did not. Additionally, crime affects real-estate values as it creates bad impressions leaving the people trying to sell their houses unable to sell them and get out of the situation. This shows that crime has a domino effect on neighborhoods. Local businesses suffer decline as a result of crime again showing a domino effect (Ward).
A second effect of poverty is hunger. In 2013 nearly sixteen percent of Americans lived in households that were insecure on food (Feeding America). People throw away so much food that could feed so many people who are hungry today. Further, parents end up passing on their meals so that their children can eat. Hunger is bad physically as it is a long term way of suffering that can eventually lead to death. Just going a few hours without food is not comfortable for people. It is hard to imagine being in this kind of situation. Additionally, with hunger comes a better chance of getting diseases due to the lack of nutrients to build up immunity ( It leaves people weak making it even harder for people to work when they are already in poverty. It makes it harder for children to learn with the lack of nutrients (The
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