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Social problems have been a part of society for thousands of years. Some have vanished over time while others have uprooted to accommodate with the changing times of the world. Different countries share similar social problems as well as different ones. All countries have tried to find solutions for these problems such as the United States, Britain, Uganda, and China.

The United States has a lot of social problems. Since there is a lot of land, a vast majority of different cultures have settled here. As a result of all these different cultures colliding, social problems are common. Poverty is one of these problems. In order to deal with this, the United States government has created Welfare Programs. These programs give poor families …show more content…

Social anxiety is a serious mental illness. ... I thought that if I hide for people and avoid social situations nobody would notice my problem and especially my blushing. ...

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4. Distinguish Between a Personal Problem and a Social Problem.

The social problems make society become worse. With the social problem, the quality of life goes down. ... According to Wright Mills, the personal problems are the personal troubles of milieu and the social problems are the public issues of social structure. ... But if there are two jobs and four candidates, this is a social problem. ... Therefore the institution is an important reason that decides whether a problem is personal problem or a social problem. ...

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5. Racism: An Individual Problem Or A Social Problem?

Racism: An Individual Problem or a Social Problem?Is racism an individual problem, a social problem, or both? I can safely say that racism is a problem for both the individual and for society as a whole. ... First, it would be costly to make such drastic changes in our social, economic, and political institutions. ... Beverly Tatum wrote that society is not to blame for prejudices and racism, but it is still our responsibility to try and fix the problem. ...

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6. Problems and Solutions to Social Security

With Such adjustments as Personal Security Accounts, and Personal

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