Social Justice Is Equal And Full Participation Of All Members Of A Society

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Social justice is equal and full participation of all members of a society that is shaped to meet their needs (Bell, 2013). Social justice also includes “a vision of society in which the distribution of resources is equitable, and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure” (2013, p. 21). Unfortunately, social justice is simply a vision, because dichotomies are ever present and prominent within society (Kaufman, 2008). However, there is a path to promote social justice within society. Thereby, to promote social justice within society by reconstructing “institutions and policies based on fairness, equity, and justice” (Adams, 2013, p.1), there must be an understanding of the origins of the injustices and an understanding …show more content…

Thus, it is important to understand social groups are socially constructed, and the differences between dominant and subordinate groups are used to justify inequalities and oppressive behaviors executed by the dominant groups to suppress the subordinate groups (Kirk & Okazaway-Rey, 2013). Additionally, a system of inequality perpetuates by dominant groups dehumanizing subordinate groups (Kirk & Okazaway-Rey, 2013) and operating an oppressive system through exploitation, violence, marginalization, and powerlessness (Young, 2013). Exploitation is “a systematic process in which the energies of the have-nots are continuously expended to maintain and augment the power, status, and wealth of the haves” (2013, p. 37). After the civil war ended, the South was rebuilding its cities and economy (Blackmon, 2008). The companies seeking workers did not want to compensate workers, because the South was accustomed to free labor from the previous institution of slavery (2008). Thus, in the spirit of greed and sustaining the inferior roles of freed slaves in society, African-Americans were arrested on false charges and sold into labor by law enforcement (2008). These African-Americans were held in captivity and threatened with violence if they did not perform as expected (2008). The enslaved African-Americans also witnessed violence inflicted upon other slaves as a deterrent for slaves who contemplated escaping (2008). Also, during the Progressive

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