Social Justice Should Be Taught

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Different races, colors, religions, nationalities and sexual-orientations right here in the United States of America. The United States is becoming more diverse everyday as people travel to America. For this very reason the topic of Social Justice is very significant in today’s society. Children are the future and the place to start when trying to create a better future. Children from very young ages internalize messages about power and privilege with regard to gender, race/ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, and language, which they perpetuate through their play and talk (Ryan & Grieshaber 2004). Preschool is an especially important time to begin social justice work, as it is when children are actively beginning to construct difference. Social Justice should be taught and implemented in Early Childhood to help children’s self-perspective, the way that they view others and Race and culture should be addressed but some other things that are often overlooked and are just as important are age, special needs and gender. Students should not have the thought that they’re grandparents can go to the park because they are “too old”. They should not think that because one of their peers is in a wheel chair that they cannot play with all of the other students. And James should not think that Ashley and her mom can’t go camping because it’s for males A teacher implementing Social Justice in their Early Childhood classroom can help children with their self-concept and self-esteem.

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