Social Medi An Important Way For The World Essay

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Social media has become an important way for the world to communicate and grow closer together. 52% of people report feelings of connectedness and happiness after going on social media 5% leave social media depressed (Oberst, 2). Social media platforms; which include SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more. Generally, to be considered a major social media platform you need over 100,000,000 users. 52% of people feel that through social media they can improve how connected and involved in their social group they are currently. The 5% of people who leave SNS (social networking sites) depressed often experience this depression because while on social media you compare yourself against your friends and family. This comparison is usually not intentional, but when people always post the best part of themselves on social media it can make you feel worse about yourself. While social media can be a tool for good, some people use it to attack others without consequence. These people who have been attacked often develop destructive opinions of themselves and their identities. Identities can reference anything including: gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, religion, or socioeconomic status. Social media misuse and bullying has accounted for almost 30,000 per year in the United states alone. This shows us that there is a problem with how people use social media now. A solution to this issue is introducing social media education into computer classes. Most
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