Social Media And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Journal #2: Through Einstein and Freud’s exchanges in Why War, it was stated by Sigmund Freud that war is the result to resolve conflict through the means of violence (Freud, p. 549). He claims that there is no permanent fix to war; rather there is a temporary fix through the creation of a community bonded by a shared identity and emotional ties (Freud, 550). Our society has changed drastically in several different aspects since this paper was originally written in 1932, but the largest way that we have grown can be credited towards technology. Through the use of technology, the ideas of Sigmund Freud on the prevention of war have been greatly strengthened. This strength comes specifically in the aspects of community bonding, giving the “ruled” a voice in a hierarchical world, and creating a transparency of the hidden crimes committed by “ruling” class. Social media has been used as platforms for contact, socialization, and cooperation on a global scale. It has armed those who previously would have struggled with being heard with the ability to have a voice. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have allowed the production of discussion by allowing people to feel more free to express their opinions and thus, broadening public discourse and veering away from the dominance of the hegemonic views of the group that Freud phrased as the “rulers” (551). A perfect example of how minorities are more able to have a voice than ever through the use of social media can be

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