Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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Social Media and Technology Makes People Less Social Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and many more. The social media platforms are endless, but one thing remains the same: social media has become an immense staple to the average person’s daily routine. While it is referred to as “social” media, it is actually making people less sociable. Many studies are claiming that it and technology inhibit real communication between people and makes them less aware of the conversations held in real life. In order to combat this downward trend, people would have to first notice this problem and then take action to restore wholesome relationships in their life. Solutions can range from parental involvement, to apps that restrict a …show more content…

Although it is a small percentage, that is still an overwhelming amount of people spending about half of their waking day on smartphones or tablets. A field observation in a high traffic area on campus was also conducted, and of the people who were with other people, “62% were either texting, talking on the phone, or using a computer or tablet”(Drago 15). She concluded that people are becoming more reliant on technology for communication and are neglecting to engage with others on a more personal level because of the technology nearby. A positive outcome is that when the students in the survey were asked if they thought that technology was inhibiting conversation, “an overwhelming 92% of respondents believed technology negatively affects face-to-face communication”(Drago 16). This overwhelming amount of a positive response is potentially forward-looking because they at least realize that there is an issue, and that is the first step in finding a solution. A possible solution is to change a part of their life that allows more face-to-face interaction. For example, if that person is not currently working, he should find a job, which will increase the amount of social interaction he encounters. Another study was conducted that coined the term “The iPhone Effect.” Shalini Misra and her colleagues performed a naturalistic field experiment in which she tried to find the correlation between the presence of mobile devices and in-person social interactions. There were 100

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