Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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“Privacy is dead, and social media holds [sic] the smoking gun,” said Pete Cashmore, CEO and founder of a famous online blog. This quote says a lot about social media and what a major effect social media have on American society. Social media want the people to become addicted to them. There’s Facebook, with its continuous timeline; Netflix, auto playing the next episode 10 seconds after the previous one ends; and Tinder, encouraging people to keep swiping in search of their potential soulmates. This paper will include the background and history of social media and the effects on society, along with explaining how social media have become a growing problem in the United States. The paper will also show some controversial opinions both for…show more content…
In the social media industry, an article written by Natasha Singer says that there is a term for these people who continually test and tweak the apps and sites to hook consumers, keep them wanting more, and persuade them to stay longer: growth hackers. By 1979, technology had upgraded by allowing users to talk through virtual newsletters. In the 1800’s, two important items were discovered: the radio in 1891 and the telephone in 1890. Telephone lines and radio signals allowed people to communicate across distance. The first telegraph was invented in 1792. This was faster than delivering mail by horse and became more of a demand, soon making the idea of traveling by horse become outdated. The first social media site was created in 1997 and this website was called SixDegrees. It allowed people to create a profile and make friends. After the first creations of blogging, social media began to expand in popularity, and technology started to change rapidly. The first super computers were created in the 1940’s. Then, scientists and engineers began to create networks that led to the creation of the Internet. Social media usage has gone up over the years. It is not only a distraction to anyone who has become addicted to checking social media, but also can also lead to psychological issues. Research shows that a number of anxiety disorders appear from spending too much time
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