Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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Social media has become a very popular form of entertainment, resource for information and an excellent tool for communicating your thoughts and personal life with the rest of the world. In this day and age it is very uncommon to not be connected to the internet in some way or another, But just like everything Social Media has it’s pros and cons. Many people can agree that Social Media is a life changing tool that helps us find out more about the world and helps us connect to people around us or those not so close. It can also be argued that Social Media if not used in the right way has negative effects especially on today 's youth, for example teens and children can be exposed to online predators or become victims of cyberbullying. This is why It is important to bring light to both sides of this topic because it is a huge part of our society today, Also because Social Media has only just boomed in this generation we are slowly starting to acknowledge and learn more about the impacts it can have on our lives. Most of the time when we think of Social Media we mentally picture images of celebrities, family members, or our favorite musician or author posting an interesting picture or sharing their thoughts and ideas about a topic. Social Media has other uses other than as a form of entertainment. “ The medical field has found success in using social media for disaster response; rapid, point-of-care consultation; and collecting research participants and data to aid in product
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