Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Nowadays people are depending on social media for their daily activities. No matter what the event is social media somehow becomes the topic of discussion. Social media for many businesses can be a great tool, but it’s very important to put some restrictions and procedures in place and be very consistent with enforcement. Most employers and employees are probably not covered by a General Liability policy. The laws that are governing social media continue to change rapidly. Employers must speak with their attorney’s to completely understand the social media liability issues facing their business. The liability facing employers is very important and everyone in the business needs to understand what the governing acts consist of and have clear social media policies in placed in order. Social media is so widespread in the work force. People get on social media while at work whether its work related or not, which makes it is very tough to monitor and limit liability. Employers need to provide a clear and summarizing social media policies that will help limit liability. Many employers can’t control everything that an employee does at or outside of work, but educating them on their policies that are specific to their business is a start. I don’t think employees are knowledgeable on the liability that social media have on the employer and employee. I believe this is one area that businesses are lacking; I believe companies should put more of an importance on educating employees

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