Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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The paper basically depicts the modern day dilemma where social media has not only become a part of life for youngsters; it has actually become an addiction for them. Many researchers have actually discussed the growing impact of social media on the lives of mostly the teenagers and youngsters, where they have come up with the outcome that social media have been playing a major part in our lives today. Although social media has various benefits and advantages where it connects people to all parts of the world. It has made the communication process a lot easier and it has actually helped individuals gain extensive …show more content…

For instance, as the article states, today we believe the number of likes we get on our Facebook profile tend to reflect our acceptance in the society (Tristan, 2016)
Moreover, if a friend tags us in one of his pictures we believe that we are quite social. However, the matter of fact is that some of the demographics in the teenagers actually are more vulnerable to social media and its approval. It is actually vital to understand that the designers today are actually exploiting this vulnerability. Moreover, the article also confirms the fact that the Western Culture is basically built around the different ideals of individuals’ choice and their freedom (Tristan, 2016)
Most of us have been fiercely defending our personal right to make choices while we ignore the fact that the overall results and outcome only exploit us. For instance, imagine you go out with a friend on a Tuesday night and actually want to let the conversation drag; the youngsters tend to open Yelp and see different bars. This makes them drag the overall situation and without actually having a relevance to the scenario the two friends try to gauge in the attention of others also. This actually has confirmed the fact that balance has to be maintained in order to let the youngsters enjoy the overall advantages of social media (Tristan, 2016)
The article “I

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