Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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With over seven thousand postsecondary institutions in the United States alone, the development of universities has become a business booming faster now than during any recorded precedent. If you live in the developed world, you’ve undoubtedly seen it for yourself; it has become impossible to even watch television or use social media without seeing flashy advertisements for such postsecondary institutions. From this exposure and other cultural factors, U.S. enrollment in postsecondary institutions has increased by 37% since just 2012 (NCES). This phenomenon of spreading educational attendance has been termed “massification” in reference to its universalization and globalization of a standardized degree system. While the change has indubitably woven itself into the fabric of our everyday surroundings, it still offers itself as a pertinent issue of debate, affecting the lives of millions of college-bound youth worldwide and sparking debate into its ethical and economic benefits and consequences. Given the severity of massification’s impact, it is crucial that we as citizens address it in all levels of policy: local, national, and global, to create a structured economic system. Many stances have been posed, advocating all positions from support to dismantling, of which I will address only a few. These viewpoints are important, however, in that their incomprehensive nature points to flaws that must be addressed within any complete handling of the massification system within

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