Controversy On The Ethical Use Of Social Media By Political Leaders

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Who do you know that doesn’t own at least one form of social media account or doesn’t go on any form of media, ever? No one? Neither do I. Majority, if not every single one, of my friends has or uses some sort of media throughout their everyday lives whether it be for school, at home, or on the job, everyone uses social media these days for everything. Even some of our political leaders such as Presidents, Senators, Governors, and various other leaders have their own social media accounts or online campaigns. As time goes on we see social media being used more and more by our political leaders leading to controversy on the ethical use of social media by political leaders. Social media can actually help ethical leadership by influencing …show more content…

Thank to social media, Michelle Obama was able to encourage both healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle within America. Though she hasn 't been the only one to use the media in an ethical way.
The spread of awareness is also a way that social media can be used ethically. This is because spreading awareness keeps the people informed of various things occurring within our own country, or even around the world, that either need to be discussed or brought to our attention. Michelle Obama wasn 't the only one who used the media positively; former President, Barack Obama, was also able to use media ethically. He was able to do so by commenting on the terrorist attack that happened in Paris, France and by “pledging the U.S government 's assistance to france” (De Vries). By this statement being stated to the media he has not only informed us of an important yet tragic event that has occurred, but he was also able to spread awareness that the U.S will help France and its innocent victims; and that is a very ethical thing that any leader can do. We are also able to see the usage of social medial in an ethical way through Hillary Clinton. Hillary was able to use the media to create her own website in order to

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